Captain Margaret Pommert is a popular Pacific Northwest boating instructor, teaching on both sail and power boats. She serves on the Board of Directors of The Sailing Foundation, which developed the Lifesling, and organizes their annual US Sailing International Offshore Safety at Sea with Hands-on Training in Seattle and Portland areas. Margaret chairs the US Sailing Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal Selection and Awards Committee, a national award which recognizes a significant accomplishment in seamanship which has saved a life, and collects case studies in rescues for analysis by the US Sailing Safety-at-Sea Committee. She’s an appointed member of WA State Boating Program Advisory Council, providing recommendations to the program on ways to enhance boating safety statewide for all types of recreational boating. When not working as a skipper/instructor, she’s active in the local boating community, racing, cruising, and promoting Safety at Sea and Northwest Women in Boating.